Grim Ethernity

Unholy Design 2008

Galumphing like a Jabberwocky out from the deep forests of England comes, Ethernity.  Ethernity is a nature oriented black metal that is also very esoteric and mind-expansive through the use of epic instrumentation.  Blood, Chains & Misery unites traditional black metal themes, (cold riffs, thin guitars) with a more personal and organic flow by utilizing a bouncy main riff and male choir chants towards the end of the song.  At times I hear echoes of of Enslaved's technique of marrying black metal and more traditional folk elements as evidenced on Colossus.  The delayed vocals on the aptly titled Echoes are a nice touch.  The yearning melody in Echoes brings to mind ancient sunsets and the clean guitars and dancing cymbal work are distant memories from a forgotten age.  My favorite song from the album, Haggard, frequently drifts into delicate guitar work that is tinged with sadness and longing.  The 10 minute track Black September, the album closer, starts with perhaps the most traditional black metal passages from the entire album.  The moderate layer of fuzz on the guitars and the muffled natural drums contribute to the earthy feel of the album.  Defiler's vocals are harsh yet feel a little faded which lend a distant feel to them.  Ethernal is attempting to establish a truly English black metal heritage within their sound.  I am not sure if they succeeded in that venture but they certainly succeeded in producing an interesting black metal amalgam on Grim Ethernity.  It is a personal and heartfelt album that can easily be detected within the intricate details of each composition.