Hateful Subconscious

Thrashing Madness 2009

Raw and primitive thrash with a Teutonic edge is the deadly affliction brought on by this rabid beast of old school Polish thrash.  Thrashing Madness never fails to amaze me with these forgotten hidden gems from the Polish scene.  This album was originally recorded in 1991 and you can feel the old school blood pulsing through its veins.  The album Opens with the title-track, a Sodom-esque onslaught of brutal thrash that cuts its way through the underground like the scythe of death as he harvests the slaughtered at the apocalypse.  A swirling drum roll and a ferocious set of rhythmic thrash riffs slice and hack through flesh on The Final Attack before a bouncy Bay Area chorus demolishes anyone left standing.  Immortal Sinner, despite possessing a frenzied set of thrash fretwork, it also features an aggressive death metal passage and a blistering guitar solo.  Welcome to Gotham features a sawing main riff that severs arteries.  Occasionally it breaks into a slower part that reminds me of Kreator's Betrayer.  Merciful Death opens with a section that reminds me of Anthrax, of course in a rawer form, but this quickly is washed away by Kreator styled devastation.  Into the Holocaust brings the album home as bursts at the seams with unbridled ferocity in its initial stages only to settle into a mosh inducing set of chunky riffs and then spins out of control with another vein shattering guitar solo and frantic guitar work and drum lines.  As a bonus their 6 track 1990 demo has been tacked on for added thrashing mayhem.  Throughout the album Grzegorz does his best Mille impression with his dry diseased throat.  On Hateful Subconscious Egzekuthor is raw, aggressive and demonically crushing in its primitive thrash frenzy.  No ears were spared and no pit was ever safe from the Polish thrash metal executioners.   Hateful Subconscious leaves me bleeding, exhausted and praying for a merciful death.