Ars Macabra

Hate Induced Trance

Sinister Sounds Inc. 2007

The imperial city of Rome is home for these totalitarian black metal extremists.  Hate Induced Trance's style takes its cue from hyper-blasting Swedish black metal very similar to Marduk.  After a standard synth intro, Kernal Satanika attempts to annihilate all within its path as it spews forth a relentless stream of icy cold riffs and insane drum blasts and warp speed.  Though performed at a nonstop, insanely fast pace, individual riffs and near melodies rise out of the maelstrom to lend the song a bit of identity.   Compelling Perverted Taste unleashes an assault of riffs that dwell in hollow darkness against a backdrop of drumming so furious it is like a metallic blizzard.  Sadomasochistic Pitchblack Scenario uses some riffing and frenzied drumming that conjures a hybrid of Stockholm death metal fornicating with the infernal blackness of Sarcofago.  Even more atmospheric Stockholm styled death riffs rise during the opening stage of Et Nihil before the crushing onslaught of more warp-speed drum patterns and sawing riffs fly out.  After about 6 or 7 tracks of this relentless assault I start to suffer from all the songs starting to blend together, not to mention I feel battered into submission but the endless speed of the tracks.  The only breaks come during the instrumentals Lagerlandschaft41, with its air raid sirens and somber snyth passages, and the ominous keyboard musings of Requiem Aeternam.  Nothing new or groundbreaking here but Ars Macabra do deliver hellishly intense black metal in the Swedish vein that bears a mark of conviction from these despotic artists.  So if you are a die hard who enjoys your Marduk mixed with a little Sarcofago then Ars Macabra should fill that abyssic void within your black soul.