Dawn of Demise

Hate Takes Its Form

Deep Send Records 2008

Denmark's masters of brutality, Dawn of Demise belt out crisp and sharply produced, yet extremely heavy and brutal death metal.  The highly polished and clinically accurate drumming of Kim sets the structure for each song while thick and meaty guitar riffs punish the listener.  A great example of this interaction is Within the Flesh which also features some nicely timed guitar harmonics.  The riffing is somewhat simple with the complexity being added by the drumming.  Impurity is more uptempo with some almost Slayer-ish riffing that drop into some stomping grooves.  I am sure they are conducive to some mayhemic moshing antics.  Beyond Murder opens up the bloodlust even more with a driving main riff that spews forth gore like dueling bonesaws.  A Stockholm-styled set of riffs kicks out some dismal darkness at the 3 minute mark.  However Hate Takes its Form is kind of on the boring end of the spectrum.  All the songs start to blend together and I just get the feeling like I have heard it all before.  For the most part Scott Jensen's vocals are deeper than the Marianas Trench and more guttural than a charging boar.  One highpoint are the classy laid back and melodic guitar solos that accentuate most of the tracks.  Dawn of Demise is standard, well played but ultimately average death metal in the Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse vein.  Not terrible but not groundbreaking either.  Unless you are a dedicated aficionado of this style then take a pass.