Hell Darkness


Doomentia Records 2009

Former Tangorodrim/Frostgrave members return with a new tome of icy Nordic black metal on their debut 7".  The two songs that make up this EP are truly evil and mercilessly cold despite being summoned in the infernal heat of Israel.  Dark Underground of Hell (Dedicated to Quorthon) is in the vein of early Burzum and manages to capture both the sound and magic of Burzum's debut, most notably Ea, Lord of the Depths.  There is a quiet tone of despondent undercurrents that add layers of bitterness to the wintry, fuzzed-out riffs and rumbling double bass sections.  The title track is more of a traditional Darkthrone-ish black metal assault with hints of thrash circling the tornado of pitch-black riffs.  Heller's stone-hard vocals roar like a mountain troll, merciless and cruel.  Towards the latter end of the track the tempo slows to a more atmospheric crawl while slight, sorrowful melodies obscure themselves behind reverberating guitars and sizzling cymbals.  Heller's songwriting ability continues to improve as Heartfelt surpasses the musical impact of both his Frostgrave and Tangorodrim compositions.  Hell Darkness captures that grim coldness and sinister magic the early Norwegian scene conjured and manages to outshine all their contemporaries attempting this same diabolical undertaking.  If you worship early Nordic black metal and like your music freezing cold, then get on your knees in veneration for Hell Darkness.