Jewish Juice

Hidden into Rotten...With a Black Flame of Light

Self-released 2007


Five tracks of militant and powerful NSBM is what this Italian war-machine deliver with their second demo, Hidden into Rotten.  A surprisingly thick guitar sound with some deep bass form the core sound of Jewish Juice's death-reaping style.  The first track, a New Dawn starts off with death metal power and a martial beat that lift our ears up awaiting the feverish onslaught of speedy riffs and malice-filled vocals.  Torch of War bears a banner of conflict that lays waste to any opposition it confronts.  A dual vocal assault fires volley after volley of venomous missiles at the listener and finally relents against a nostalgic lead guitar.   Towards the end of the track there rises an early Satyricon-esque riff that is beefed up and stripped down at the same time for maximum devastation.  My favorite song is Death in Winter with its melodic main riff that echoes like howling wolves across the windless prairies.  There is a layer of regret and sorrow within the refined riffs of the composition and at times it reminds me of the old Norwegian band Twin Obscenity.  Quantum Est Quod Nescimus treads upon more traditional black metal soundscapes as Nordic melodies (think Kampfar) fly across the nocturnal sky, silhouetted by the light of distant stars.  The final track, Night, plunges right into a violent drum attack with alternating deep and shrieking vocals.  Jewish Juice have a surprising amount of songwriting clarity on their demo.  Each song possess personality and individuality despite the aggressive mentality that is injected within the veins of each composition.