Hornets of the Pogrom

Drakkar 2008

American death metal outcasts Arghoslent finally deliver their third album after a six year wait.  And it was well worth the wait.  Arghoslent are excellent songwriters and know the meaning of writing memorable, catchy songs.  Yes they are brutal as well but each track has its own personality.  Opener, In Coffles They Were Led is furious in its pace yet manages to captivate with an infectious main riff.  At times I am reminded of a more underground, less precise and of course, more melodic version of Angelcorpse.  A sense of flow dominates all the material on Hornets of the Pogrom which is most notable on Swill of the Knaves where an overall melody pulls the listener through the song from beginning to end, though never compromising on brutality.  The Nubian Archer has a melodic main riff which races over a barrage of speedy kit work from drummer/vocalist Ulfhedinn.  Then it slows down to a crawl and once again surges into a frantic maelstrom.  They saved the best for last as The Grenadier uses a head-banging inducing main riff that explodes into some blast beat intensity.  One point of interest are the awesome guitar solos that are tastefully inserted within these tracks.  Based on the surrounding material one would expect intense fretboard mania like Morbid Angel or Slayer but these are more laidback classy.  To illustrate this observation check out the simple yet evocative effort on the title track at around the 3:30 mark.  Arghoslent has delivered a slab of excellent death metal that is both underground in its feel exquisite in the way they use their guitars.  They have kept in mind that quality death metal is about excellent riffs and written songs to that end.  It blows my mind that hey are not appreciated on a larger scale.  It probably has something to do with their extreme ideology.  But that sells this band short because I am staggered at how powerful this album is.  Do yourself a favor, ignore the politics and embrace the musical brilliance that is Hornets of the Pogrom.