Fight Amp

Hungry for Nothing

Translation Loss 2008

Raucous and angry, New Jersey's Fight Amp (formerly Fight Amputation) drag indie rock into the dank depths of the underground.  Noisy and immediate in its sonic violence, their album Hungry For Nothing bludgeons with dirty, incensed guitar riffs.  Hints of all sorts of influences rise and fall within their walls of sound from post-hardcore to Sludge.  Listen to the guitar feedback on What a Drag as it lays a undercurrent of corruption beneath the dusty main rhythms.  Also of note on this track are the female vocals which are just as harsh as the regular male ones, if not more so.  A fever induced anger storm, Bound and Hagged, creeps in eerily before hammering home its fuming madness with the subtlety of a bulldozer.  Get High and Fuck is a descent into a sort of unsettling nightmare of dissonance and megalithic guitar riffs.  The male loudspeaker vocals are a nice touch on the track.  All the songs rely on a steady and pummeling groove to push the song forward like a horde of lurching zombies, best exemplified by album closer Dumb Luck.  The sound on this album paints a picture of a band playing in a sweat-soaked and cramped basement with all the walls echoing the reverb and dripping with dank humidity.  The drumming patterns, though spot on inspire a feeling of stumbling forward.  I could find no information on who is in this band despite a day's worth of research.  Not sure the logic there, but it seems a little silly.  Anyways, If you like your rock free from corporate meddling and as livid as a cop in a riotous beat down then Fight Amp is right up your alley.