Grima Morstua

Illustratio Per Horribilem Obscuritatem

Drakkar Productions 2007


Grima Morstua excretes grim and raw black metal from the putrid bowels of Hell.  More intent on creating mood and a devilish atmosphere than with being technically sound or musically intricate, each song is a tempestuous occult ceremony.  Album opener, Refelja su Maldicion surges forth like a tidal wave, foaming and frothing with hatred and vengeance as its riffs uncoil and twist like an anaconda.  Espectros de la Crucifixion is slower with more maniacal slants and shifts that betray a psychologically unbalanced mind and the ending to the song is abrupt and unexpected leaving me hanging on the edge of a cliff wondering how I got there.  For My Vengeance to Rest is more rhythmic than the tracks that precede it.  It manages to create a haunting atmosphere with its blastbeats and Nordic riffing.  For the most part though, the material has a sort of grimy, sloppy texture to it which adds to the feeling of obscurity of the album.  Serpieneneve’s vocals are raw and strained and overpower the rest of the music at times.  The lyrics are in Spanish most of the time as Grima Morstua is from Argentina.  This contributes as well to the underground atmosphere of the music.  Grima Morstua, though achieving what I think they set out to do, requires more of an individual identity and stronger songwriting.  The songs sort of lose themselves in their length and interchangeability.  Plus the chaotic weaving of the riffs together makes it hard to follow each song or to get into the flow of the album as it is constantly shifting.  But with this said, Grima Morstua does bleed with authenticity and they can certainly imbue their material with a graveyard atmosphere of morbidity and death.  There is obviously no love lost here for the followers of the white light!