Interview with Inculter 2013
By Bradley Smith

Can you tell me a little History in regards to Inculter? What are your inspirations both musically and lyrically?  Who designed your logo and what are you goals for Inculter?    

Me(Remi) and Even(drummer) had played together for a long time in a band called Excavator, but after several years of laziness, me and Even started to practice for ourselves a couple of times and made a few songs. So we decided to start a new band called Inculter. We recorded two songs and put them on the internet and people seemed to like it. And during the recording of Stygian deluge Cato from Reptilian, Cockroach Agenda and Slumber Lord joined the band!  Our biggest inspirations musically are bands like Sepultura, Dark Angel, Nekromantheon, Deathhammer, Destruction, Nuclear Assault, Obliteration, Slayer, Darkthrone, Bathory and many more. Lyrically our inspirations are pretty much the same.  The logo was made by a guy from Germany called Luigi Luisi aka. FOK13. Our goals are to make some kickass Thrash and spread the evil music around the world to keep the underground up and going for hundreds of years!

Your debut EP, Stygian Deluge, has finally hit the underground and I can see it is already generating a positive buzz.  Can you tell me about its creation?  Why did you decide to add an extra song to the tape version of the EP?

Most of the songs were made in the first half of 2013 and they were recorded in july this summer at our rehearsal place. We recorded it in july and it was released one month later by Edged Circle Productions, the label of Iscariah. The reason why there is three songs on the 7'' and four on the tape is simply because there wasn't enough space for all four songs on the 7inch. That is also the main reason why we decided to release the tape too.

You also have a split 7" with Reptilian.  Can you tell me about how that came about?  Why did you guys choose Reptilian, or was it the other way around?  Was the song you used recorded and written at the same time as the Stygian Deluge material?   How did you grab the attention of Unborn/Duplicate Productions?

We got attention from Unborn and Duplicate through a norwegian metal forum called screammagazine. Reptilian also got attention through screammagazine so we were asked to release a split because we both were new bands and both came from Fusa.  Cato from Reptilian is also our new bass player. The plan was to release the split in late 2012 or early 2013, so the song were finished in the late 2012 but weren't released before september this year because the pressing of the vinyls took way too long time.

Right now, I don't think there is anything hotter in the underground than Norwegian thrash!  There are so many great bands and Inculter is among them.  How do you feel that Inculter fits in with the rest of the bands from Norway?  And how do you think Inculter is different from the rest of the bands in the Norwegian underground?  What are your favorite Nordic thrash bands?

The norwegian metal underground are extremely good, and we think that musically we pretty much fit in. The only problem is that most of the good bands come from eastern norway and are much older than us. Our favorite thrash bands are Deathhammer, Nekromantheon, Antichrist, Condor, Audiopain, Aura Noir and Infant Death!

I saw the pictures of the outside of your recording studio and they seemed pretty gloomy and atmospheric.  That got me wondering what you thought is the perfect atmosphere for thrash metal is?  I mean what imagery do you get in your head when you listen to thrash and where is the perfect environment to experience thrash, especially INCULTER!

As long as we can listen to the music without any idiots interrupting us, we don't really care where we are! But the perfect place has to be on the top of ''Fusafjellet'' (Mount Fusa) which is 666 meters over sea level. UGH!

Tell me about your home, Fusa Norway.  As I understand it, Fusa is famous for several important potholes.  Can you describe them?  How do you think that growing up in Fusa influenced your artistic endeavors?  From the pics I have seen, Fusa seems very scenic but also a bit desolate.  Is that accurate?

There is actually a pothole here in fusa that is called ''Helvete'' (Hell). But we have no idea where it is. There are also two other potholes, but we don't know what they are called. We don' t think that growing up in Fusa is what got us into metal, it is just 6 people who started playing music several years ago, who after a long time noticed some kickass bands! Fusa does not have a big metal scene, it's just 6 youths and Iscariah who really care. And probably some other people we don't know about.

Norway uses a conscript military.  Are the members of Inculter facing a term in the military?  If so, when?  If not, why?  And what are your thoughts on Norwegian military service? 

It's a long time until we have to go to the military , so we haven't started thinking about it yet.

So what are some of your upcoming plans for Inculter?  When can we expect a full length album?  Any important shows coming up for Inculter?  Also, how was your performance at Beyond The Gates?

We have started making material for a full length album, and we hope to release it somewhere in the first half of 2014. Other than that we hope to get a few gigs soon! Beyond the Gates was exceptional, lots of great people in the crowd and the atmosphere was great!

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Thanks to you, and remember to stay tuned for updates from Sepulcher and Reptilian.