Dark The Suns

In Darkness Comes Beauty

Firebox Records 2007

This Finnish dark metal band borrows heavily from the school of Katatonia yet bends that influence into their own melancholic vision of heartbreak and tearstained metal.  Laying a foundation of distorted rhythms and subtle melodies, Dark the Suns nails each song through your chest with clean piano-synth.  You can clearly discern the Katatonia influences within the inner skeleton of a track like Alone yet it has been brought to a more upbeat and therefore uplifting mood through subtle melding of Dark Tranquillity styled melodies.  After awhile some of the songs sort of blend together as this album for me could actually be one track with different movements.  Though tracks like Angel Soul strive to create a little drama through breaks and fragile keyboard passages I still feel like I am listening to the same song as I was with album opener Reflections.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing as the music is quite moving but in the end I think more time should be spent creating individuality within each track.  With that said, It is hard to escape the driving Katatonia-esque rhythms on a track like Drama For Gods as heartfelt strings bleed sorrow.  One truly standout track though is Ghost Bridges with its powerful chorus where the piano builds up dramatic climaxes.  In Darkness Comes Beauty benefits from stellar production with thick guitars, sharp piano synth, and snarling yet subdued vocals.  While not groundbreaking or mind-blowing, In Darkness Comes Beauty successfully creates moods of sorrow-filled anguish.  Fans of Modern day Katatonia and Tiamat take notice, a new ghost has risen from the shadowed darkness to stake a claim on the dark metal throne.