Infernal Rise

Candlelight Records 2007

America is drowning in a churning sea of this breakdown heavy, tech deathcore and one more face in the crowd is Kansas' Diskreet.  Offering massive breakdowns, insane song structures and brutal as hell riff mongering, Diskreet become yet another in an endless stream of these interchangeable bands.  Opening with chunky guitar chords, odd time changes, violent but tightly controlled drumming, and abundant guitar harmonics, Infernal Throne is representative of the material offered by Diskreet.  The Bigger Complex is a labyrinth of swirling guitars, stop-start riffing, and screamed vocals that attempt to bedazzle the listener while simultaneously bludgeoning him with chugging guitars and discordant notes.  Entrails alternates between Morbid Angel-esque rhythms and warp-speed drumming.  The EP really actually bores me though the last two bonus tracks, The Nightmare and Promising Demise show some serious promise and are borderline good songs.  Too bad the rest of the EP didn't mirror this much more enjoyable style that concentrated more on memorable riffing rather than generic breakdown heavy moshcore structures.  With the drums being such a focus of this band due to the constant tempo changes, it must be noted that I despise the drum production and its over triggered kick drums.  Diskreet offers nothing new or interesting with Infernal Rise and this EP is only for the most die-hard fans of this specific subgenre.