Where Iron Crosses Grow

Karmageddon Media 2004

Having been mildly disappointed with their last album I didn't really have any expectations for Where Iron Crosses Grow.  But the new album really kind of struck me hard right off the bat with the title track.  There is a strong Autopsy influence on several of the tracks, especially "Me-God" and "Where Angels Fear to Tread."  This isn't surprising that these guys worship Autopsy.  This album might be a little less melodic as a whole than their last few outings but there is still melody to spare.  Just listen to the Maiden/Priest assault on the song "Chasing the Serpent."  My favorite song off the album has to be "Tragedy of the faithful."  Where Iron Crosses Grow starts of blistering and then progressively gets slower as the album goes along.  But the same power that gets the ball rolling manages to permeate the entire album.  It is a rare gift to be able to write varied songs and keep them so consistent.  The guitars are so fucking thick that it is impossible to ignore that this is an Old School Swedish death metal album.  The production reeks of Sunlight Studio even though it was recorded at Sami Studio.  Dismember has left Nuclear Blast for Karmageddon but musically there is not difference noticeable.  I don't know the back story for this decision.  It seems that they have also enlisted their original cover artist Dan Seagrave to handle the art here.  After Death Metal I feel that this is Dismember's strongest album since Like an Everflowing Stream.  They have managed to keep an old style from seeming dated which says a lot.