Markiz De Sade

Judasz 1985

Thrashing Madness 2010

Thrashing Madness has been spot-on with unearthing old gems of the early Polish thrash scene.  However I am not as impressed with Markiz De Sade's demo 1985.  The execution of their style of meaty thrash riffs and gruff vocals is indicative of this being a demo. After a rough instrumental called Markiz De Sade Vol. 1 we are treated to a bouncy riff and frantic guitar solos on Marionetka.  Andrew's vocals sound wild and full of aggression lending an almost Brazilian feel to his screams and his bass playing does stand out against the background of standard thrash riffing.  A creepy clean guitar intro into the title track sets the tone for the atmospheric though primitive thrash that follows.  The ferocity of the track picks up and abandons any atmosphere and barrels into straight-ahead raw animosity.  A sawing riff opens the assault on Sen Schizofrenika.  The track parallels Schizophrenia era Sepultura until it hits the anthemic riff at the 2:07 mark.  A reattack of the opener with atmospheric clean guitar work finishes out the demo displaying the band's songwriting potential.  The production is uneven and hinders listening to this demo.  Tacked on to the end of the 6 track demo is some live and bonus material.  Up first is an update of Judasz from 1989 and though the music sounds stronger, the vocals sound as if they were recorded in a basement.  Then we head into the live material which doesn't do anything for me to enhance my experience with the band though there are two tracks found here that were not featured on the demo, namely Niewinni O Brudnych Rekach and Zdeptani.  Markiz De Sade does not sound terrible, it is just there are so many better bands from that era that the only true appreciation I can have for this is as a document of the early Polish thrash scene and its youthful vigor.