TABU/Candlelight Records 2005

Khold had relinquished their position as one of my favorite bands when they released a somewhat lackluster effort, namely Morke Gravers Kammer.  There was something missing on that album though I couldn't really place my finger on what it was.  This time around though they have recaptured that certain something that made them special in my ears.  This album captures my attention, from the bouncing groove of Blod og Blek to my favorite track Innestengt I Eikekiste with its somewhat new wave sounding main riff.  Though All the songs are weighted down with the typical interludes of Khold styled riff stomping that call to mind Celtic Frost they still manage to maintain a singular sense of individuality. They are all dark but with a different mood.  Some are brooding, some have a sense of whimsy and some a pure hatred.  Khold are known for their mid-tempo pounding but they certainly can pick up the pace as in the opening riff on that vengeful track Lysets Fluke.  But of course it breaks back down into an even slower plodding drone than normal.  But that just adds to the variety on display by these masters.  One other song I feel I have to mention is Midvinterblot because of its strange sounding but killer main riff.  Nothing else is any different from their past albums.  The production sounds the same, the vokillz are still that dry pit of gravel.  Their cover art continues to be somewhat silly though this one is closer to being cool than anything else they have done.  Why they continue to have covers that focus on the bald phantom like image of Gard I have no idea.  The lyrics and imagery in the book are so faint that they can be hard to read but since I can't read Norwegian anyways it doesn't make much difference to me.  Khold have regained their position as one of my faves because the magic is back.  And I for one am supremely happy to hear it.