Interview with Nag of Krypt 2007

By Bradley Smith


Can you give us some back ground information on the formation of Krypt?  How did both you and Desecrator come to form a cohesive unit we have come to know as Krypt?

- Krypt was started in 2006 by myself and Desecrator.  Both of us had been thinking about forming a (new) band for some time, and when Tsjuder decided to take a break I asked Desecrator if he would like to form a band together.  We have the same vision about Krypt, and opinions about other subjects, so weíre a good match for a band.


Out on Agonia records is your first Ep ďI am god.Ē  Can you tell us a little about it and how it represents Krypt? 

- ďI am GodĒ contains two tracks (the very first tracks from Krypt).  The title track was made by me around 2002, but arranged together with Desecrator.  The other track ďJeg hater degĒ was made by both of us from the start to finish.  The Ep is a little taste of what to come, even though I think the songs for the forthcoming album is better, and we have found our musical path.


You say that Krypt is True Norwegian Black Metal and was formed to keep the flame of Old school black metal alive.  What exactly does being Norwegian black metal mean?  Why is it necessary to keep that flame burning?  Is it in danger of going out?

- True Norwegian Black Metal is a quality mark, of uncompromising, violent and evil Black Metal, obviously from Norway.  Yes, I think the flame was fading, but in the last couple of years itís started to burn again.  Itís the early Black Metal who has inspired me, and thatís the music I intend to play.


You were integral to an upcoming Norwegian powerhouse Tsjuder.  What happened to that entity?

- We drifted apart, and the inspiration was fading away.  So instead of struggling we decided to put Tsjuder on hold.


What ever happened to one of your earlier projects, Isvind?  Dark Waters Stir had generated such a clamour in the underground scene and then Isvind disappeared without a trace.  What caused its untimely demise?

- Isvind was not my project. I played session in Isvind from 95-97.  We went on a tour in 97, and after the tour, the band just ceased to exist.  I know that Arak and Goblin restarted Isvind a couple of years ago, but I really havenít heard what theyíre up to now.


What is your view on the current state of Norwegian black metal?  Do you see it softening at all or do you see it being as strong as ever?  Are there any acts currently active that we should be keeping an eye on?

- I think the Norwegian scene is getting stronger again.  There was a period where the focus was on the ďkeyboard-bandsĒ, but it seems that was another trend which is still there, but gradually fading away from Black Metal.  Most acts should be known to all with interest in Black Metal, but I can mention Urgehal, Beastcraft, Vulture Lord, Mord, Koldbrann, etc etc...


You and Desecrator share anti-religious views.  How exactly are your views manifested?  In what way are you and Desecrator the same in your views?  Do you share any differences?

- Religion is bullshit for weak people who canít stand for themselves.  We both have a passion / belief in demons and search for the unknown, as well as the subconscious.  If we disagree about anything we do not use it within Krypt.


You guys have the label TNBM label on the back of your album that is also shared by the likes of Carpathian Forest, Taake, and so on.  Why did you decide to join those ranks?  Who all is involved and how was that group started?

- Like I said previously, TNBM is a quality mark, which was started by Dirge Rep and Vrangsinn.  Krypt is TNBM and we support the unity of TNBM.  Iím not 100% sure about all bands using the mark, but all have to be approved by Dirge Rep and Vrangsinn. Carpathian Forest, Tsjuder, Taake, Urgehal, Krypt are at least bands who are using the mark.


It seems like there is a growing group of black metal traditionalists within Norway.  The old scene founders seem to have abandoned the aesthetics that the scene used to be based upon like corpse paint and obscurity.  Do you think that this is true?  What do you think of such scene founders like Darkthrone, Mayhem, etc.

- Well, some have stopped using corpse paint etc, but not all.  Why they stopped it I donít know.  Personally I will always use it, but it might happen that Iíll also show my face without corpse paint.  Corpse paint, spikes, leather, etc is part of Nag.  Mayhem have without doubt taken another path than the rest.  Iím not too found of it, but at least itís still extreme, but in another way than ďDe mysteriis...Ē, and older releases.  Darkthrone is still Darkthrone.


As a black metaller, what do you think of the growing thrash metal resurrection?  Norway has quite a burgeoning scene of thrash bands like Audiopain, Vesen, Nekromantheon, etc.  Do you think it is still a valid metal style?

- I think itís great that the thrash scene is growing again.  Iíve grown up with thrash, and there are many thrash bands which are giving me inspiration for creating my own music. Iím not too familiar with the bands youíre mentioning; beside Iíve heard them briefly.


What does the future hold for Krypt?  Can we expect any live performances and when is your debut full length coming out?

- Within a very short period of time weíll enter the studio to record of first album. Hopefully it will be released before x-mas.  I donít think there will be any live performances any time soon.  We have been asked to do some, but we rely on Nefas and Vrangsinn to have a full line-up.


Any last words of blasphemy?

- Thanks for supporting raw and brutal black metal by interviewing Krypt.  Be sure to check out our album when itís released, and the EP / MCD is still available through Agonia Records.