Abigail Williams


Candlelight 2007

Phoenix, Arizona's Abigail Williams is an amalgam of all that is currently popular in the extreme metal scene; Screechy black metal vocals, Bombastic keyboard flourishes, ethereal clean vocal passages, and so on.  It's main backbone though it formed by a heavy dose of Jester Race era In Flames and the metallic Gothenburg-isms that have dominated the scene for the recent past.  each song splices together these ingredients to varying degrees and comes up with a potent yet sometimes hollow concoction that will satisfy those who enjoy the shallow end of the extreme metal ocean without ever plumbing its abyssic depths.  I ever am not one of those people.  Luckily Abigail Williams keeps it short as Legend clocks in at just over 20 minutes long.  The album is not devoid of interesting ideas and riffs though.  I like the guitar solo and riffing at around the 1:50 mark of The Conqueror Wyrm.  Plus the way it breaks into a keyboard laden and clean vocalled segment is quite inventive.  also sometimes the songwriting gets a little too muddle and confusing such as around the 3 minute mark of Watchtower.  People should remember that sometimes less is more.  The production on here is clean and crisp and there is a lot of punch to the recording which suits a band like this just fine.  The drums are a little too triggered for me though.  Some how they just seem a little plastic and not organic enough.  Everyone in the band is talented at their instruments and I think that the guitarist is actually top notch as I love some of the squeals and tweaks that he incorporates as little bonus' at the end of some of his riff passages.  But still somehow for me this EP manages to fall flat and I think to myself that though they have had 325,000 hits on their myspace page that yes, over a quarter of a million metallers can be wrong.  In other words, quantity does not necessarily equal quality.  heh heh.  Just because you take all these different yet equally popular styles and blend them together doesn't mean that it is going to be a success.  I guess in the end for me it just seems like Abigail Williams sounds too "cookie cutter" and trendy for me to take seriously.