Let's Roll

Ascent Records 2008

At one time my favorite style of metal was Stockholm death metal and it's demise left a void in my heart.  Luckily there has been somewhat of a resurgence of this style led by some of the old scene founders and some new upstarts that cling to this distinct tradition.  Murderplan is one such upstart that has breathed fresh air into those lifeless lungs.  Let's Roll attacks with a brutal yet melodic assault that calls to mind for the most part, early Dismember.  This relationship is most proudly displayed on the opening notes of album closer Nineth with its down-tuned guitars and ominous riffing.  The backwards masked vocals are a touch of inspired evil.  Though a strong sense of melody is used throughout Let's Roll, it never comes near the blatant commercialism of the Gothenburg style.  Wearing their influences on their sleeve with a song titled Carnage, the listener can discern the sinister echoes of Dark Recollections beneath the melodic leads and feverish guitar solos.  The highlight on the album for me though is Forced Out with its rumbling yet melodic riffing and stomping grooves.  Impeachment hacks its way through some Dismember inspired guitar chops throughout the song's violent existence.  Though classy guitar solos are once again juxtaposed against that blood-soaked backdrop.  Each stab or slice is punctuated by Fredrick Soderlund's (Puissance) hate filled vocals which are closer to black metal than the typical guttural uttering of his contemporaries.  Though the telltale down-tuned guitars are utilized by Murderplan the production is generally sharper and cleaner than on the stalwarts of the Stockholm scene.  However this just makes the riffs and drums more cutting when on their murderous rampage.  Murderplan has taken the early blueprint of the early Swedish death metal style and sharpened those rusty axes for a renewed and rejuvenated killing spree.  If you love those down-tuned guitars and dark and ominous death metal then you will worship Murderplan's Let's Roll.