Lifelong Days

Locomotive 2008

Industrial metalcore from the heartland of Russia is what you can expect when spinning the latest disk from Grenouer.  Crunchy guitar riffs and Fear Factory leanings are mechanically inserted throughout the album's opener, Indecent Loyalty.  Electrified clean vocals contrast the harsh shouted vocals that are the mainstay of Grenouer's throat, Ind.  At times I hear a more mechanical vision of what Dark Tranquillity does on the track Addicted to You.  Though of course this is just on the fringes of the commercial screamo rock that they are utilizing as their foundation.  The electronically distorted vocals on Taken Off the List reminds me of the electro pop of Telepopmusik.  Some harder hitting riffs punch and kick their way our of the initial stages of With No Concern though the song settles into some more commercially palatable material that I can see fans of Disturbed digesting.  Finding the One has moshy sections that all the trendy kids would slam to.  I find that at times I am belted in the face right after a period of calm somewhat whimsical and saddened clean vocals and smooth guitar work.  Shrill guitar harmonics accompanied by gruff shouts open up to sorrowful orchestral movements on Employed Beggar.  I am not a fan of what Grenouer's doing on Lifelong Days.  It seems too calculated and "manufactured" not to mention commercial.  Lifelong Days is at best uninspiring and plastic.  It seems to eager to cater to the mainstream.