Totalitarian Love Pulse

Agonia 2006

A completely unexpected treat showed up in my mailbox the other day in the form of Satanik terrorists, Iperyt.  Iperyt delivers the brutal insanity of war metal coupled with inhuman industrial beats which makes for an inhuman hate machine.  Totalitarian is the perfect word to describe this destructive assault.  Iperyt avoids the trap of becoming one dimensional though.  They have managed to not only make the music incredibly suffocating and oppressive but have also constructed some great riffs to go along with the rapid machine gunfire of the drum machine.  The Silent Murderer stands out in my mind with its dreamy opening passage and chugging riffs.  The title track also stands out with its extended opening sample that sets the stage for the awesome Satanik wizardry of the riff oriented tsunami of hate and derision that Iperyt unleash on the final song of the album.  Too soon the album is over and I have to press "repeat."  The vocals come at the listener from every angle: distorted, guttural, screeching, spoken, digitized, and so on.  Most of the songs feature appropriate samples sprinkled throughout adding another layer of texture to the overall experience.  The drum programming is expertly utilized with such varied beats from straight up blasts to pulsing thumps to the nearly danceable low end bass.  When trying to picture Iperyt, imagine the blasting intensity of Impaled Nazarene combined with a drum machine making the music that much more inhuman and relentless.  There is scarcely a chance to take a breath during the duration of Totalitarian Love Pulse.  It is the ideal soundtrack to a world drowning in warfare and state sponsored oppression and control.  The perfect musical accompaniment to our era.