Bleeding Fist

Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus

Moribund Records 2010

The Slovenian horde, Bleeding Fist, return with a new EP of ultra-aggressive and straight forward black metal.  The 22 minute EP is comprised of five original compositions and a cover of Hellhammer's Messiah.  The title track is really a menacing intro that sets the stage for the unrelenting black metal assault of Invocation Into Devil's Flesh.  Cold riffs and a blasting tempo ravage your eardrums initially but the song shifts gears into a demented mid-tempo romp.  Slight melodicism permeates the entire body of Defenders of Satan's Honor but the song seems a little flat.  A short, yet twisted guitar solo thrusts outwards at the song's end.  The highlight of the EP is Leading Hell with its charging riffs and feral drum patterns, like a wild beast galloping through the forest, resting only slightly towards the tracks middle section.  And I Devour It gathers its strength before grasping its own power, like an iron gauntlet, squeezing the guitar like a frozen version of Krisiun.  The EP comes to a close with Bleeding Fist's slightly sped up rendition of the rhythmic beast, Messiah, originally from the gods Hellhammer.  The violent outburst that explodes at the song's climax is a nice touch.  Macabrum Bestia, despite its unbridled aggression and rampant hatred, is really just solid, middle-of-the-road black metal that can easily get lost in the vast ocean of purveyors of the dark arts.