Aura Noir

The Merciless

Tyrant Syndicate


The Black thrash masters have returned after an overly long absence.  And it is is about time.  Newly refreshed with a leaner and more in your face song writing style this may be their best album to date.  I am still not sure where its final place will be in their overall pantheon of releases but it is in my top 5 releases for 2004 and that is saying a lot for such a good year in metal.  The songs have been stripped to their core and what is revealed is a jarring and hard skeleton.   The lyrics are varied due to the various authors.  I absolutely love Carl-Michael's poetic writing style.  He is one of my all time favorite lyricists.  A bunch of guest appearance's are made as well, Fenriz from Darkthrone and Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest/Nattefrost contribute vo-kills and Dirge Rep and Zweiss contribute lyrics.  I guess this isn't that odd since Darkthrone had Apollyon singing on their latest opus as well.  The song Sordid is inspired by Possessed's March to Die and can be best heard in the bouncy opening riff.  As with all songs found herein this one is a killer.  My only real complaint on this album is the production.  I feel the guitars are a little too low in the mix  compared with the drums and vocals.  But other than that this album is great in its entirety.  Oops, I have another complaint.  This album is faaaaarrr too short, clocking in at about 28 minutes. It needs to be about twice as long.  But I guess I can always play it twice in a row.  This is the premiere release to launch Darkthrone's new Tyrant Syndicate label (sublabel of Peaceville records).  They made a good choice to make a statement of intent because I must say it is a bone-hard release.  My favorite song is the grinding yet triumphant Condor.   This album has been a long time coming and this album ROCKS!!!!!!  "Black metal Jaw!!!!  In a fierce Grin!!!!"  BANG YOUR FUCKING HEAD!!!!!!