Metal Commando Attack

Duplicate! Records 2007

Always overshadowed by some of their more well-known Norwegian colleagues like Aura Noir and Audiopain, Inferno are certainly deserving of your attention.  I was not really ever a big fan of Inferno's first two albums Downtown Hades and Utter Hell and so it came with a great shock as to how great these guys had become when I heard their track on the first Uberthrash compilation.  Which brings us to Metal Commando Attack which is a compilation of rarities and live material spanning Inferno's storied existence.  This sort of retrospective starts off with the recent insanity of their two Uberthrash appearances and the Thrash Metal Dogs from Hell 7" which for me are the highpoint of their recorded material.  The Over-the-Top vocal antics alone set them apart from their peers and along with the dirty Germanic/Motorhead inspired primitive thrash make Inferno a deadly as fuck band both on disc and in the live environment.  But we will come back to the live environment shortly.  Next up we glance backwards to 1996 for their Headbangers Against Disco and Thrashing Holocaust songs which show them feeling their way out and discovering their own style.  But that trip down memory lane is short lived as we are treated to the most recent material on the disc which is 7 live tracks recorded in 2005 and feature a great sound and some serious vocal insanity!!!!  And finally the CD includes the 8 live songs from 1995 which were known as the Massacre in Hell Demo.  These songs sound somewhat dated and the sound is not near as good as the previous live material especially in the drumming sections where the cymbals are much louder than I would have liked it.  Inferno for me were always on the cusp of achieving great notoriety and it was with great sadness that their untimely demise fell upon the music scene.  I felt that they had finally broken through and found their own style and had escaped the shadow of their Norwegian thrash metal peers.  For a definitive look back at Inferno's career, from its infancy to its crowning glory, make sure you obtain this Norwegian thrash metal essential.  Die by Death Squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!