Mirium Occultum

Terratur Possessions 2010

From out of the dark northern abyss, comes the second album from Norway's Dodsengel.  Insane speeds and hellish riffing immediately burst forth like a blizzard as Azonei Wyrdwalker begins but slower tempos quickly prevail.  Calculated and icy a dark and ritualistc mood permeates the disharmonic riffs.  The guitar and drums accelerate their pace with riffs that freeze the blood in your veins and and a tentacle of black oppression works its way into your brain.  Ghastly vocals range from demented squeals to a stone-hard timbre which creates alternating peaks of bestial insanity and totalitarian cruelty.  From its opening notes Evocation of Amezarak induces a dream-like quality through stark clean guitars that quickly bubble like volcanic magma, quickly shifting into ranges of stumbling delerium utlizing a riffing style that brings to mind Ved Beuns Ende.  Ascending from that dream-state guitar lines, like piercing spears of ebony hatred, stand like a fortification against the light.  Breeding more disharmony, Alor Mal Ki starkly contrasts grim vocals and shimmering guitars that leaps into riffs that mimic galeforce winds of freezing inhumanity.  Afterwards, A Word to Conquer the Aeon strikes a hypnotic riffing pattern that almost falls between Burzum and Katatonia realms of melancholy though with a faster, shifting rhythm section.  The ghostly clean vocals utilized during this track are very unsettling.  Album closer, Lucifer Ascendant begins with a misleading synth section that is quickly overtaken by trebly guitars and a lethargic crawl, where notes seem to drag, like a the shuffling footsteps of shrouded mourner in a funeral procession.  The cymbal strikes are very sharp a spike into the skull like the nails pierced the flesh of the messiah.  Strange riffs drone out of the darkness, fuzz and shrill feedback scraping at sanity, leaving only a lifeless void.  Mirium Occultum is an ibex crown of black metal ritual hatred and spiritual contemplation on all things disharmonic and grim.  Steering clear of typical traditional Nordic melodies, Dodsengel have crafted a weapon, barbaric and cruel, a shaft of anti-xtian devilry that mortally wounds all white-light worshippers.