Mist Through Your Consciousness

Atropine Records 2008

A sort of progressive yet calm and doom leaning journey through landscapes of natural beauty.  France's Caldera write emotionally captivating music that speaks volumes through tight riffing and nuances that bring yearning and sorrow right to the surface before submerging them once again beneath powerful guitar chords.  Juniper stampedes the listener with rumbling yet trampled Sabbathy riffs for a somewhat earthy yet subdued feeling, emotions somewhat in restraint until the more melodic leanings of the spacey textures starting at the 4 and a half minute mark.  Slightly less imposing is Wollemia with its softly caressing guitar work and rim tapping drum work that opens the composition.  Next up is F.I.R. with its fiery attitude which succumbs to bouts of depressive fingerwork only to arise angrier than before, exhibited by raucous drumming.  But my favorite songs has to be White Pine as it is brooding and shoegazing with depressive melancholy.  But that is just a prelude to the albums most dramatic moment, a driving and exciting burst of nostalgia that leaps out of the speakers at the 4 minute mark.  This track by another post Sabbath episode of Doom laden misery called Alerce whose spiraling drums pound their way through the barriers of subconscious.  Caldera know well how to open compelling vistas and avoid the pitfall of vocal despoiling of such pristine sonic forests.  Mist Through Your Consciousness is a beautiful odyssey through natural splendor, painting pictures of forlorn scenes detached from human corruption.  A drama unfolds amongst the mossy undergrowth existing between the pillars of each mighty tree.