Tongue of the Moribund

Oniric Records 2008

Bleak and dismally oppressive is Spain's black metal duo, Incorporea.  Bridging the gap between modern Xasthur and Germany's Bilskirnir (minus the folky elements), Incorporea feature washed out trebly guitars, submerged vocals and monotonous drum beats.  This serves to create quite a melancholic atmosphere.  The opening track on this three song EP is A Weird Cold from Nowhere.  Gloomy riffs bring to mind Burzum at its most somber until clean guitars evoke haunting calmness.  All the while distant vocals screech like a denizen of the deep forests.  Cold Blades of Abandonment is up next and is the weakest of the three tracks as it is fairly steady with its fuzzed-out, mournful guitars and whispering vocals.  Mourner however closes out this EP in inspiring fashion and is my favorite of the material on offer.  The main riff is the sheer embodiment of sorrowful yearning and this song is the only one on the release where the tempo picks up beyond anything but a methodical plodding.  Granted I think this is Morbidus' intent.  Even though treading somewhat familiar territory on this demo CD, Incorporea manages to create inspiring moods with songs that are possessing of both identity and atmosphere.  Despite being from the searing heat of Spain, these two soulless entities understand the power and feeling of unfathomable cold.  I feel the remorseless embrace of a deep freezing winter being wrapped around me as I listen to Tongue of the Moribund.