Promo 2006

Self Financed 2006

What we have is a 3 song taster for Morpheus' upcoming album Extermination of the Dominant Species.  Symphonic to the extreme with keyboard flourishes soaking through every pore of this Death metal tainted Black metal band's music is what this Greek sextet specialize in.  Constructing a futuristic and mechanical vision through generous usage of electronic sounds Morpheus marches headstrong into the future.  With symphonic passages that border on Dance beats on Under Morphine Skies, they set themselves as somewhat unique and in a different field from many of their peers.  At the same time some of this music is so inundated with these mechanical sounds and over-triggered drums that it takes away from some of the power and listenability of the material such as on Fake Adoration Before Abomination.  Saving the best for last, Melancholic Nostalgia in Black incorporates some killer angelic keyboard passages that sound almost as if created by a Moog.  this sampler features a very controlled and precise production that lacks any bit organic feel to it.  Morpheus create a majestic style that has flashes of potential greatness but it is sometimes rendered hard to listen to due to its denseness and some of the ideas are a little too far "out there" in an attempt to be original and interesting.  I don't feel they need to try so hard as they have the potential to be talented songwriters if they just let the ideas come naturally rather forcing the issue.  I look forward to seeing how Morpheus develops in the future.