Muay Thai Ladyboys

Paragon Records 2008

If you can get by the demented perversion of the album's artwork what you will discover is its musical equivalent, demented perversion.  The title track makes for a rather punishing introduction to the death grind intricacies of Copremesis.  Thick riffs and madness inducing tempos and in ample supply on the track as well as some of the most distorted and guttural vocals ever to rupture eardrums.  Some comical vocal work also makes surfaces in the bowels of this unrelenting beatdown.  There is no break at all from one track to the next so the only way you really know you are on the next song is to look at the display counter.  Up next is Bestial Castration which is two minutes of gore drenched audio violence.  Zombies displays not only lightning fast riffing but also molasses slow sludge soaked guitar work.  This alternating method of assault appears on Mad as well.  However after the first few tracks this album begins to wear on my ears.  Muay Thai Ladyboys is just so uncompromising that it punishes my hearing from the opening note until the final crushing riff.  This makes for a draining listen to be certain.  Due to its extreme brutality and sheer avoidance of anything remotely catchy, this style does little for me but if bands like Malignancy or Disgorge do it for you then Copremesis will be heaven for your auditory senses.  For me this is the sonic equivalent of a thousand explode pustules.