Tyrant Syndicate/Peaceville 2007

New Wave of Black Heavy Metal is the new EP from legendary black metal masters Darkthrone.  It contains four tracks which I will analyze individually. 


The first track is an alternate recording of Wisdom of the Dead which you will only be able to find on this CD.  It starts the EP of in perfect fashion with its sweeping and bombastic opening riff.  This it gets right down to dirty business with some bastardized dissonant black metal.  The true magic though is the odd NWOBHM-through-black-metal-blender riff during the chorus with its swirling and ugly melody. 


After that is the mighty tribute to the Canadian metal scene which is ironically called Canadian Metal.  Musically it s a thundering stomper from start to finish and Nocturno Culto's guitar solo towards the end of the song is ripping.  But the element that truly makes this song special are the maniacal vokillz!  Incidentally the version that will appear on the forthcoming album will have a different set of vocals which will probably be more straightforward.


Next up is the exclusive Hedinger Fra Helvete which will only appear on this CD.  It literally bursts forth with a sort of chorus of echoed vokillz.  Some elements of Motorhead tinged Black N Roll are found here and there as it monotonously drags forward in a rocking way.  The song for the first part is typical Darkthrone.  But something really interesting happens around the 3 minute mark of the song when a sorrowful riff that calls to mind a gloomy forest swaying in the breeze usurps the mood of the song and carries it into oblivion.  This represents a sort of an Un-Darkthrone riff that Darkthrone makes very Darkthrone-esque.  I am not sure how much sense that makes but once you hear it maybe you'll agree.


Finally we come to the second cover that Darkthrone has ever done which is originally from the American punk band, The Testors.  Bad Attitude was originally released as the B-side to the Forebyggende Krig 7" but I guess this was added on here for the benefit of those who don't collect vinyl.  This track is probably more in line with the kind of cover song that the fans were expecting when Darkthrone recorded Love in a Void as this song is harder and much more instep with Darkthrone's recent punk flavored regression.   Bad Attitude is a driving punk song that Darkthrone hits hard with sharp guitars and rampaging vokillz!!!


Overall this is an excellent taster for Darkthrone's upcoming album F.O.A.D.  They incorporate some new elements from New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Punk, Black metal and rock, all the while making them sound essentially Darkthrone.  You would be well served to own this.  And tell me "what can you see from Valhalla's heights."