Split Demo

Nihilistic Holocaust 2009

What we have here is four tracks each from two upcoming death metal bands out of France.  They both have a taste for the old school style and the underground sound.  I will review both bands separately.


Up first we have Necros who are dark and morbid sounding with some serious leanings in their style to early Immolation and the underground early 90s style of American death metal like Incantation, Goreaphobia and Rottrevore.  To An Endless Chaos gets things underway with a stomping groove and a eerie yet brutal sound giving the listener the sense of a ritualistic procession.  Towards the end of the song I hear elements of early Immolation, especially their use of guitar squeals.  Bloody Throne is a ripping fast slaughterhouse of dark morbidity which bears the hallmarks of Deliverance era Incantation, though when the pace speeds up sawing violence erupts.  The bizarre angular riffing in the middle of Gehenna reminds me somewhat of Cadaver's debut though with a  The close their half of the demo with a cover of Incantation's Anoint the Chosen.  Necros is a splendid metallic alloy of the underground American death metal style from the early 90s.


Next up is Abnorm's side which has a slightly faster overall tempo and a touch of black metal thrown in for good measure.  After a quick intro the demo rumbles into a violently abrasive set of black and death metal riffs that possess a overwhelmingly caustic feel to them.  The song develops a galloping tempo and circular riffing before breaking into typical death metal grooves.  Schemes of Hate and Denial breaks into violent bouts of speedy drums and powerful bombast undercut by double bass drumming.  A hint of atmosphere peers out from the shadows on the track with some Stockholm scene riffing.  The Dead End Path Passenger concludes Abnorm's half of the demo with deep guttural vocals and disharmonic guitar work quickly falling into some blackened death metal devilry.  The composition rises and plummets with regularity into smashed cymbals.  Chugging guitars grind like a hacksaw cutting bone and flesh.  Slightly more atmospheric and darker in overall feel than Necros, Abnorm seems to revel in the murky ether of putrid blackened death.


Necros and Abnorm are breaking absolutely no new ground on their demos.  However they are two bands with their hearts in the right place.  An underground style and a traditional approach make this demo tape an old school death metallers terrifying dream.   Forever underground.