Candlelight 2004

Simply and utterly amazing!  I am simply dumbfounded as to how powerful this album is.  After not being all that impressed by Cadaver's comeback album Discipline I was pleasantly surprised by this bludgeoning hammer of an album.  From the opening notes of Necrosis to the final drumbeat this album reeks of quality and power.  There is a strong presence of past gods like Repulsion, Terrorizer, and especially early Morbid Angel rearing their ugly influential heads over the songwriting here.  But Cadaver have managed to repackage it into their own brand of old school regressiveness.  Ever thing about this CD is old school except for maybe the cover art.  There are well placed melodic riffs interspersed within walls of blast beats and overpowering rhythms.  This album sounds virtually nothing like Discipline.  Though the songwriting is technical it sounds so simple because of the mood it imbues on the listener.  The Morbid Angel influence is evident in the melodic riffs contrasted by blasting rhythmic blasphemy best exemplified by "Evil is Done."  Everything about this album is old school to include the stellar production.  It sounds like an early Morrissound studio product back when they still exuded clarity mixed with dirt and grime.  Due to this production the album has a much more organic feel to it than the cold sterility of Discipline.  The drumming is superb as well.  Nice fills but it is only complex when it needs to be.  Lyrically this recalls the early Floridian anti-Xtian blasphemy usttered by bands like Deicide and Morbid Angel.  Apollyon's vocals are much more "death metal" this time around rather than the proto-black metal spewings he spat forth on Discipline.  So far this is in my top 5 of 2004 and I doubt that will change.  This album has a rare quality that recalls a nostalgia of death metal's glory days while updating it ever so slightly with sense of contemporary relevance.  Old school never sounded so fresh.