Pulverised Records 2008

Ushering in a different mood and atmosphere for Polish black metal is Hellveto whose eleventh full length album, Neoheresy is to me a musical tribute to Hellenic black metal leanings.  As a matter of fact at its core this album easily could be mistaken for middle-era Rotting Christ (Triarchy of the Lost Lovers) but with more medieval orchestral sensibilities.  This one man band is the majestic creation of L.O.N.  The album opens with the mid-tempo track Tarap that has Greek black metal melodies fused with simplistic keyboards and some almost gypsy-esque strings woven in as well.  It is not until the third track, Gdy Umiera Swit, that we are treated to our first real dose of speed.  The following track also has controlled bursts of chainsaw violence and follows a nearly identical song structure of fervent black metal firestorms which are married to sweeping synth notes for a spellbinding union.  At least for the first three minutes of the 8 minute odyssey.  Then the songs falls back into mid Tempo Hellenic styled black metal.  The final track Sredniowieczna Egzekucja alternates between fast riffing that calls to mind rolling thunder and the boncy, almost polka tempoed black metal of the bombastic nature.  Hellveto has a really constant and slightly strange tempo that crosses through all the tracks of the album.  That tempo combined with the orchestral synth work lends a truly bombastic and dramatic feel to the compositions.  A dreamlike and mystical aura is created by L.O.N. with each of his tracks found on Neoheresy.  I really enjoy this release from Hellveto and it is a shame this is my first introduction to their creations.  I will now have to spend my hard earned money delving into Hellveto's extensive back catalogue.  But it will be a journey of discovery that is well worth the expense.