Nessun Urlo Nell'Ombra

Fear Studio 2007

This four song EP of aggressive death metal comes at us directly from the bowels of Italy.  Not a country known for producing a lot of extreme metal they might be soon as Lacerater is a force to be reckoned with as they belt out old school death metal of the disgusting and organic kind and not some of this lame overly technical plastic death metal that is permeating the world wide scene these days.  There is plenty of variation in the material to hold my attention and they keep changing it up constantly which illustrates their ability to write complex songs which combine oldschool death metal with some hints of grind smattered here and there throughout the release.  O.S.S.A. starts off with a rhythm that reminds me of Dismember when they are not gushing with melody and then breaks into some Cannibal Corpse territory with some stomping death metal at its purest.  Some of the grindcore hints I mentioned surface during the blasting brutality of the early moments of Nato Morto.  My favorite song though is W.H. 22 with its slower and more brooding riffing and the well placed guitar harmonics.  I am not big on those guitar squeals all the time as they can get a little annoying and they begin to be overused on (L'odere Del) Sangue.  But this is somewhat trivial for me.  All lyrics are in Italian but really based on the gurgling and gruff vocals you can be assured he is growling about something dark and unpleasant.  The EP is over too fast, but I guess that is one way to leave us hungry for more.  With similar bands popping up everywhere with a more old school and less technical approach, Lacerator is bound to get some more well deserved recognition.