Promo 2007

Self-released 2007

From the darkened masterminds that brought you Koldbrann (Mannevond) and Lja (Ciekals) comes a new and sinister black metal band with a strange moniker.  I mean what exactly does nettlecarrier mean?  heh heh.  I guess in the end it is irrelevant because what truly matters here is the music and if you like frigid Norwegian styled black metal then you will surely not be disappointed.  This promo contains two songs; Esuriem and Cup of Lethe.  Esuriem starts of slowly and builds slowly to a blizzard like crescendo of blasting black metal mayhem whereas Cup of Lethe is a maelstrom of the same aforementioned blizzard from start to finish.  For the most part Nettlecarrier is a compromise of the styles of its creators' other two bands.  It blends the crisp modernism of Koldbrann with the more traditional and morbid approach of Lja.  And this makes a deadly combination indeed.  One main difference between Nettlecarrier and the other two projects though is the way it utilizes bass lines.  It has a more interesting feel sort of similar to say...Ved Buens Ende or something with a jazzier feel to it.  The production abandons the more underground feel of Lja's style for the sharper and icier feelings of Koldbrann's hailstorm.  Also of interest, the lyrics are also provided by Dirge Rep ( of Gehenna fame).  Nettlecarrier is poised to carry on the proud tradition of obscure and evil black metal originating from the Norwegian icy wilderness.  I am highly excited to hear their upcoming full length based on these two songs.  One thing the listener is certain of when they are finished listening to Nettlecarrier's music is that it truly does "nourish the soil where evil grows."