Regain Records 2009

Sweden's resident black thrashing maniacs announced their presence to the world with this diabolical hybrid of black metal and thrash sowing the seeds for a legion imitators to follow.  Originally released on Necropolis Records back in 1994 Regain Records has repressed this classic with a bonus track.  From the opening notes of The Devastation it is clear that there is a magic spirit breathing within the notes of Nifelheim.  The captivating and manic main riff is merciless in its viciousness.  Black Curse is just as relentless in its speedy assault but its downward spiraling riff passages and occasional melodic lead draw the listener towards eternal damnation.  Possessed By Evil imitates the underground thrashing holocaust of the early Germanic scene as the guitars slice like a rusty razor into the listener's cranium.   A traditionally Swedish melodic lead swoops in from the dark night towards the song's middle.  Don't be fooled by the plodding march of the opening few seconds of Sodomizer, more ferocious Teutonic thrash erupts within the track with a catchy main riff and darkened NWOBHM lead raping the listener's eardrum.  Storm of Satan's Fire opens with bouncy main riff that gives way to rapid-fire drumming and black metal intensity.  Witchfuck, the album's closer (not counting the bonus coversong), is a light-speed, nonstop assault on the ears as the speed is almost constant throughout the track except within the track's inner core where a blood thirsty hellbeast lurks.  Hellbutcher's vocals are demented and demon possessed.  The album closes with a bonus track of spot-on cover of Bathory's Die in Fire.  Nifelheim's opening salvo captured and perfectly balanced not only the musical strengths of thrash and black metal but also the old-school attitude and aesthetics too.  Their self-titled debut was an instant classic and remains to this day an essential slab of black thrashing mayhem.  Worship or DIE!!!!!