No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished

Locomotive Records 2008

Brutal death metal hurtles headlong into a collision with metallic hardcore on Distrust's debut album, No Good Dead Shall Go Unpunished.  Album opener Personality Instability relishes its angry intensity melding Sheer Terror hatecore with lowbrow primitive death metal.  No Government Cheese for this Cracker bleeds Suicidal Tendencies vocal stylings over the top of morbid death metal.  Taking a Cue from Hardcore Legends Judge, Threshold employs a hardcore energy, gang chorus' and gruff vocals.  Slightly more vanilla in its approach to New York Hardcore is Forget the Past with stomping mosh breakdowns and more gang shout-a-longs!  This songwriting theme remains an effective tool in Distrust's arsenal of well honed weapons.  Fleshless Bitch offers nothing too amazing but is effective as a slab of irate grooves and chugging riffs.  Touching a little more on some melancholic territory with some subtly melodic guitar work is the appropriately titled Misery is in Season.   And finally the album ends with rhythmic, Cannibal Corpse inspired death metal laced with a slight hint of Stockholm moodiness and another kick ass gang vocal.  Following Impetigo's lead these guys use a sample leading into basically every song.  While not being blown away, the blatant anger and simplistic beatdowns to be found on No Good Deed... pack enough punch to leave me spitting teeth for a week.  Distrust is intense and uncompromising in their hatred.