Crucial Blast Records 2009

Japan has always been a country with a burgeoning Noise scene.  Their latest prodigies from this field are Noism.  Unbelievably fast programmed drums are unleashed like a million asteroids pounding the surface of the earth on Man-I-C.  These electronic snare hits and cymbals strike at light-speed amounts of beats per minute.  These drums are combined with a constantly shifting set of hyper-death/grind guitars and achieve basically a fluidly precise whirlwind of chaos and insanity.  This is the case for all 12 tracks on this mini album.  And that is unfortunate.  Each track blends immediately into the next one with barely anything to distinguish one from the other.  The speed of everything including the one organic element, the guitars, is so blinding that each track combines to forma  wall of grating noise.  As a piece of art this achieves a sort of demented robotic genius.  As a piece of music this mini-album is unlistenable, at least repeated listens.  I am not truly sure what Noism's goals are both as a band and in respect to this album.  But they immediately grabbed my attention and then beat the attention right out of me with the rapid-fire tempest that is +.