Hosannas Novus Ordo Seclurum

Non Copus Mentis Recs 2007

Blackened Death metal gets a breath of fresh creativity through the American band, Dimentianon.  Each song is a whirlwind of death and black metal riffing and dual vocal styles, one guttural and deathly while the other is more scratchy and dry in a blackened vein.  Bloodshed From a Black Rose alternates slow double-bass death metal rhythms with blast beat styled atmospheric guitar riffing.  Human Rot is a steam locomotive of linear aggression as it charges full speed from its opening note to its closing growl.  Netzach begins with some ominous ritual music before spraying a blizzard of frozen horror and frigid melodic overlays from its unhallowed innards.  My favorite song, Azrael beguiles with an almost doomy and melodic beginning that disguises the buzzsaw tirade that is to come as the track progresses.  Each song alters its method quite a bit throughout its course (minus Human Rot of course) which ensures a style that maintains the listener's interest.  The last listed track, To Return That Which is Above to That Which is Below is an acoustic guitar piece that speaks of fragile tranquility.  But it is the herald of a 23 minute unlisted track of arcane beauty and funeral tragedy.  The production is rawer than I would have expected but for the most part that benefits the overall texture of the album.  An aspect I enjoy is the drummer's use of cymbal rides.  Not enough drummers do that in my opinion.  Though occasionally I feel the vocals could benefit from a better sound.  Dimentianon is a perfect juxtaposition of brutality and aristocratic refinement as it contrasts atmospheric qualities with straightforward violence.  I am interested to see how Dimentianon develops in the future, do they become more focused or expand their palate and grow into even darker and more beautiful realms.  Either choice I feel they would readily succeed at.