Gestapo 666


Black Seed Productions 2007

Hateful and intolerant black metal with some notable members if you believe the speculation.  Gestapo 666 is NSBM from France and lives within walls of unfeeling traditionalism.  Album opener, Scriptures of our Black Melancholy is midtempo with simplistic keyboards adding atmosphere to the basic composition.  The vocals are about a dry as the well of sympathy these individuals have for those of Semitic descent.  A melancholic riff paints Gestapo of Satan's opening passages before freezing trebly black metal riffs howl like a whirlwind of snow flurries through the Ardennes.  Deshumanization has a really caustic and butter feel to it as subtle melody fills my limbs with a power of scorn and incidentally causes this song to be my favorite from the album.  Somewhat less inspiring is Dethroned Tyrant will Return.  The guitars sound thin and the riffs sound somewhat jumbled and ill constructed.  Up next is Shadow Hate Division, wear despair and nostalgic longing are united with an air of cruelty.  Hail Gestapo utilizes a back and forth marriage of lightning fast, trebly melodies and a slower goose-stepping beat.  Not unlike Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger without as much depth or individuality.  Finally the Forgotten Temple of Belial finishes off the album like a squadron of Stuka Dive-bombers soaring in on wings of steel to deliver lethal blasts of blitzkrieg black metal riffing.  Nostalgiah is a decent though not too inspiring album of malicious and unsympathetic black metal that one would expect.  Traditional on the surface with hints of despondent atmosphere lurking beneath the frozen icy layers of guitar and cruel vocals.