Nuclear Extinction

Self Released 2008


Ominously heavy right from the outset is the new demo CD from Norway's Blodsgard.  After the melodic notes opening notes of title track comes crushing riffs that remind me of Boltthrower with their tank-like slow motion rumble.  Blodsgard however tempers this assault with melodic leads and epic sweeping riffs. Erasure of Mankind is chilling in its melodic beauty and grinding grooves which usher in visions of a lifeless snow blown tundra.  Mordinstinkt is a sluggishly paced trek through deep snow drifts with fashioned by heavy guitar chords and and leisurely arcing melodies.  The song closes out with a brooding and sorrowful piano section.  The Intermission track is somewhat annoying as it is basically a sample of some trip-hop and the caustic voice of Fredrik railing against its mediocrity. Luckily it is quickly replaced by more severe metallic devastation on Beer, Blood and Fornication.  A unique and standout track is I Hate Them All with its poetically despondent intro of keyboards, minimal drums and quietly mumbling voice.  Of course that could only last for so long before the haunting weight of rhythmic guitars crashed like a tidal waves against barrier shores.  Dissonant riffs echo like tendrils of memory across the void of time as they reach out, clinging to long forgotten melodies on Feeders of Lies.  Throughout the 13 tracks featured on Nuclear Extinction melancholic beauty hurtles headlong into merciless brawn.  This Demo illustrates the songwriting maturity and somber elegance that can be positioned harmoniously with obliterating power.  About the only words that come close to describing the majestic vigor of Blodsgard are desolately crushing.