IA Serpentor


Insomnia Records 2008

Poland's neoclassical enigma, IA Serpentor weaves another string of ambient compositions together around the theme of a female Satyr who lures men into death's sweet embrace.  In Nomine Noctis, which opens the album, is indicative of what the listener can expect from the rest of the album.  Simple keyboards create waves of growing dread which is not unlike something you might expect from the soundtrack to Phantasm or other similar styled horror movie soundtracks.  Hallucinations curls and shudders like some giant primeval serpent stalking its prey and the high-pitched keyboards add to the haunting effect of the composition.   The title track utilizes a simple yet creepy piano passage over an undercurrent of dark ambience and an effect that is reminiscent of the voice of a denizen of the woods.  Whereas Labyrinth of Zin sounds like the ritual conjuring of a nightmarish otherworldly entity and his fiendish bellows.  With these nine tracks IA Serpentor has created the perfect accompaniment to an atmospheric horror movie.  Onoskelis is pervaded by a eerie mood and conjures images of Lovecraftian horrors lurking deep within the forests.  Concentrating on mood and emotion rather than technical brilliance IA Serpentor successfully breathes life into an imaginary world of dark forests where terror resides and the mythical creatures dwelling within.