Oslo We Rot 7"


Unborn Productions 2010

Total Old school death metal style seeping out from the putrefying wounds inflicted by these new upstarts from Norway's death metal underbelly.  The fetid blood of Autopsy flows strongly through each band's veins on this 4 way split.  

Up first is Execration, a foul, rabid beast whose track Entheogen, is a dynamic and snaps into violence like a serial killer only to later dwell on its vile acts with thick, trudging riffs.  Demented guitarwork shreds your brain like so many ounces of bloody flesh. 

Next is the shining star of Norway's new death metal scene, Obliteration.  Organic and old school to the core, harsh and brutal riffage opens their track, Envenomed, like a bonesaw opens your chest, spraying gore everywhere.  The song then drips slowly into a morbid Autopsy-ish crawl of doomy death metal complete with eerie guitar solo that festers like an infected sore in your brain.

The rowdy mayhem of Lobotomized strikes the bloated rotting flesh with three tracks.  Their three tracks are a raw and wild excursion into punky death metal that are equal parts Autopsy and dirty, street-tough Rock N' Roll.  Golden Showers brings to mind the early primitiveness of Hellhammer with its simplistic chorus and rumbling riffs.  I Shit on Your Grave is a total Autopsy worship track with its gurgling vocals and sludgy riffs.

Bringing up the rear is the slightly more adventurous bowel rupturing of Diskord.  Their first of two tracks is As the Circus Leaves the Galaxy which explores a colder and darker side of Autopsy influenced death metal.  But their bold side shines through on Cease of Existence, as lumbering riffs are mashed together with drum bursts and angular guitarwork for an almost rabid astral feeling, like a feral starbeast, sort of a meeting of Mental Funeral era Autopsy and Soulside Journey era Darkthrone.  A nocturnal melodicism shines through like a nebular haze across a starry sky but a deep-seated malevolence lurks deep within that yawning vastness.  

Each band on the excellent Oslo We Rot takes a different approach to a similar theme and vomits forth putrid death metal that corrupts and ruptures your eardrums and organs.  This split double 7" is mandatory!