Born Again

Crucial Blast 2009

Born Again, the Crucial Blast rerelease of the second full-length album from France's Overmars, is an industrialized sludge metal experience in bleak darkness.  Its single track spans 39 minutes and is a journey that strips the listener of any feeling of safety and punishes them with heavy, relentless pounding and a crushing nihilism for a cold, cruel, metallic world.  An immediate Streetcleaner era Godflesh reference will be made by the listener and a metallic hammering beat and pulsating thick bass guitar paint a burnt out landscape of robotic factories, as smoke obscures all light.  Screamed females vocals, courtesy of Marion and gravelly male vocals slowly dance across the ashen textures of Born Again while throbbing beats pummel your mind into submission.  From the darkness rises a sorrowful siren bringing to mind comparisons somewhere between Miranda Sex Garden and Bjork.  All the while a subtle pulsing bass guitar provides something for the listener to cling to as the female vocalist plummets into oblivion, rising fear and frustration echoed in her voice.  The crushing beats are resurrected, bruising the strong and destroying the frail.  Death metal vocals accompany this repetitive, bottom heavy passage for added dramatic effect as the drums become increasingly metallic.  The drums eventually disappear and a subdued electronic humming, like a swarm of robotic locusts, creeps underneath industrial beats.  The track continues its shifting dynamics as it rises into a raging titan methodically plodding through this scorched-earth landscape reaching an angry crescendo at the 34 minute mark.  All that remains after that is a throbbing bass and thunderous set of guitars and drums.  The high-pitched guitar leaves a slight glimmer of optimism despite the overt hopelessness of the album.  Overmars has created an album of pure darkness, devoid of hope that exhales dread and apprehension like a the smoke from a crematorium.  This is an odyssey only for the foolish and the suicidal.