Paramount Evil

Agonia Records 2004


Impiety has always been an enigma for me.  I got their first CD Skullfucking Armageddon and was unimpressed but then rediscovered it and thought it was great.  Same for their second release.  Paramount Evil is their 3rd album on as many labels.   It boasts of a powerful production as well as slick packaging.  Agonia went all out for this release.  Impiety on this album seems to have borrowed even more influences from Morbid Angel than they did on their last CD. I think I preferred their first album because of all the old school influences on it.  But this is still powerful death metal.  The only thing I am trying to say is I don't want to be Impiety's lawyer when Morbid Angel decides to sue them for Idea Theft and Copyright Infringement.  And it is not like they are "borrowing" from old Morbid Angel.  This is modern era Morbid Angel we are talking about here.  But with all that being said this is still a catchy and memorable excursion into modern death metal.  The main difference here between Impiety and their aforementioned counterparts is that they use a more merciless and steamrolling drum tempo a la Krisiun.  The packaging is also very impressive.  But I think Impiety has always invested considerable resources when it comes to the packaging of their CDs.  The production is sharp and thundering lending a certain amount of weight to these compositions.  I like Impiety a lot but I just wish this album had been a little more original in the idea department.  Otherwise it is a solid effort.