Parasite of Society

Candlelight 2008

Musically caught somewhere between power metal and thrash, Germany's Headhunter (featuring Schmier of Destruction) has released their first new album in 13 years.  I am not so sure this is necessarily a good thing though.  The Title track is a scorcher of a track with its frantic fretboard pacing and eager vocals.  Parasite of Society issues a promise of what could/should await the listener.  There are some really good songs on the album such as the anthemic Silverskull, Egomaniac and The Calling which has a mighty and powerful chorus.  But then there is the misguided attempt at a cover of Skid Row's 18 and Life and the dark and moody Remission.  Most of the rest of the material is just middle-of-the-road and uninspiring.  I have read that Headhunter have a sense of humor which I guess is displayed by the out of place intro 3rd Man Introduction and the hidden track (after Payback Time) which is the best song that Sesame Street ever produced.  Silliness in metal is usually lost on me though.  The skill of the other musicians (Jorg of Saxon/Stratovarius) and Schmuddel (ex-Talon) is quite evident in the polished and professional feeling of the album as well as the slick guitar solos.  Parasite of Society as an album seems to lack focus which hurts it in the long run.  Sure Schmier and company are talented musicians that seem like they are having a good time but for me the good time was missed.  I guess for me I am not sure exactly what Headhunter are trying to accomplish with this album.  It does hint at the glory years of Germanic metal but it never really delivers on those alluded to promises.  Given a choice I'd stick with Destruction.