Decaying Purity

Phases of Dimensional Torture

Grotesque Productions 2008

Extreme and Brutal are two very appropriate words when it comes to describing Turkey's death metal fiends, Decaying Purity.  Relentless and blood soaked, Phases of Dimensional Torture remind me at times of early Broken Hope or other like-minded killing machines.  Rapid fire drums and salvos of guitar riffs bludgeon the listener like a rusty meat cleaver.  Causing Mass Carnage is a vicious double bass drumming assault of frenzied tempos and sawing guitars.  Healthy doses of Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse surface on Exhume, Baptize and Bury and this stomping death romp remains my favorite track from the album.  Serkan's vocals are guttural and full of rotting decay.  He does change it up some on Mass Decapitation with a more screaming and a deeper distorted style.  Hints of Swedish death metal a la Grave can be detected throughout this recording and especially on Drowning By Sense of Perversion.   The production is solid with some punchy guitars and snappy bass drums.  However the snare drum sound leaves something to be desired but it doesn't detract too much from the listening experience.  Decaying Purity though solid remains somewhat one-dimensional.  I know what they are trying to achieve with this album and they succeed almost to a fault.  It has been done a million times before and though this is a good example of brutal gore death metal they should branch out their songwriting a little to give a bit more of an individualistic feel for their music.  I know this is their debut and there is a really solid base for these guys to build upon.