Folter Records 2009

Norway has a long history of freezing black metal mayhem and the latest beast to come trudging across the frozen tundra is .Posthum.  Horns Awaken introduces us to their desolate gales of traditional Northern black metal with somewhat of a Khold groove in the song's main riff whereas hints of depressiveness appear in the corners of the chorus.  The whole song bears a sonic resemblance to an arduous trek through deep snow drifts.  In sharp contrast Godless unleashes blasting drums and nihilistic riffs that slow down into some moody Katatonia-esque passages.  The album's standout track though is Sacrificed with its forlorn violin intro and acoustic guitar that climax into triumphant epic northern black metal riffs with Jon's ghastly shrieks scraping over the top.  At times on this track I am reminded of a more primitive and darker Enslaved.  Up next is Wounds with its blustery guitars and dramatic riffs that rush in and sweep past like crestfallen gusts of icy wind.  The Fallen and Forgotten lumbers with remorseless purpose and malicious intent through ominous and forested landscapes like a ravenous Wendigo.  A Transilvanian Hunger styled melody coats every crevice of the album's finale Warfare.  The pacing of the song though is somewhat more restrained adding an introspective mood to the composition.  .Posthum's debut album is a fine example of frigid black metal full of pitiless riffs and icy Nordic blasts that leave the listener frostbitten and lifeless buried in snow.  Fans of bands such as Taake and other nature oriented and traditional black metal would do well to pay attention!