Qvorum EP

Orksetral Promenade Productions 2008

From the cradle of the Hellenic black metal scene comes a band with a wholly different style and attitude.  Nethescerial is more of a hybrid death and black metal band as there are plenty of blasting sections with constant double bass and spaced-out and majestic keyboard touches as well.  To illustrate exactly what I am referring to The opening track of this 5 song EP, Qvorum hammers like the bestial union of Deicide and Dimmu Borgir.   Spacey/psychopathic synth passages add a symphonic touch to the ferocious drumming and savage guitars.  At times the songwriting can get a little chaotic and hard to follow as is the case on Fervent Interval Orders.  Constant riff shifting as well as sharp, overpowering drums make the song very dissonant.  Shedna Obscure however is more rhythmic in nature with chilling synths and a more streamlined songwriting approach.  Some impressive bass guitar work and heart attack inducing drum breaks surface within the bowels of Universitas Litterarum II.  The final track is a cover of Kraftwerk's The Robots.  They have transformed this song into a version that is as violent and unforgiving as Nethescerial's original compositions.  Treading similar thematic ground to Limbonic Art as cosmic images paint this unruly landscape.  The production leaves certain things to be desired as sometimes the drums and vocals drown out the other instruments and occasionally the guitars and synths are buried.  A more balanced production will certainly benefit their next recording.  A strong second stroke within the underground's deep and noxious belly, Nethescerial have created an interesting, if at times chaotic, hunk of black metal fare for the scene to digest.