Gospel of the Horns

Realm of the Damned

Invictus Productions 2007

After a five year hiatus, Australia's Gospel of the Horns deliver their second full length album of blackened thrash.  Starting with a somewhat boring "intro" and a thrashing instrumental, Realm of the Damned sets the bar fairly high for itself.  The first real song, Trial By Power, delivers swift blows as it recklessly surges forward while Hexx and Masochist slam out guitar solos with abandon!  Death Sentence is more laid back with simple yet effective bass lines that underscore the nostalgic mood of the song.  Meanwhile Retribution marches along at an even pace with bombastic fist pounding riffs before erupting into a feverish mind-warp of speed and trilling guitar solos.  My favorite song, Strength Through Fear, though is probably also the most black metal of them all with its buzzsaw guitar riffing and headlong stampede pacing.  These guys obviously had a good time recording the album as the album is full of energy and vitality that I am sure translates really well in the live environment.  Howitzer's vocals are foaming as he spits out bile and soaks the lyrics with rabid hatred.  And Speaking of the lyrics, I must say that the lyrics are outstanding, poetic even.  Australia's harsh scene has graced the underground with so many powerful metal projects and Gospel of the Horns is another charred entity that lives up to that proud heritage.  Most importantly Realm of the Damned is both deadly serious while at the same time seeming like it is "fun."  Blackened thrash that delivers the goods while stealing your soul!  Now it's just a matter of catching Gospel of the Horns live for the full effect.