Ophidian Forest


Self Financed 2008

Croatian black metal with Pagan influences is found on the debut album from Ophidian Forest.  Raw instruments and fuzzed out guitars add a layer of heathenish atmosphere to this noisy onslaught of anti-xtian anger.  Fervent attitude is obvious from the mid-tempo, icy crusade of riffs on A Herald on Silver Wings.  A slightly Burzum-ish style pervades the song without it being too overt.  The pace quickens slightly and freezing riffs envelope the listener in a blanket of barbaric callousness.  Savage Day Rising reminds me a lot of the chaotic assault of Gorgoroth's debut Pentagram and Amalgamoth's vocals are scorching in their savagery.  Speedy riffing and quick bursts of drumming ferocity lend and undulating feeling to Shamanic Visions.  The Ophidian Amulet, doesn't really meet the songwriting quality of the previous tracks and sort of blends in to the background though the dizzying bass and drum passage in the song's middle helps the song to stand out somewhat.  Strange synths that seem a little disconnected with the music make for an awkward listening on The Poisoning.  However Pagan Pride in Hell rectifies this situation as it is infused with a true Heathen atmosphere and speaks to worlds of Pre-Xtian pride.  The riffing, synths, and vocals combine almost perfectly for a triumphant and emotional mood that calls out to a past of unspoilt natural wonder.  Thor Rides over Dokkum is possessed of the fiery and primitive spirit of Bathory's debut album.  Ophidian Forest's material can reach somewhat lofty realms of Pagan nostalgia and cruelty though occasionally it gets bogged down by samely riffs and the overwhelming wall of noise.  A slight maturing in songwriting and a cleaner production could help Ophidian Forest step out of the realms of obscurity and conquer the world of fearful white-light worshippers.